Nordic Snooker Championship 2016

Welcome to the second annual Nordic Snooker Championship. We are incredibly happy to welcome 40 of the best Nordic players to Denmark and Copenhagen Pool & Snooker House.

From the 16th to the 19th of March 2016 eight players from each of the Nordic countries will battle on the green baize for glory, for National pride and for the prize money.


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Program (groups and time schedule)




Day 1:

The matches today were full of suprises and great comebacks as the battle for the Nordic crown has begun.

Last years finalist Johannes(Big Joe) Johannesson and Rune Kampe both started of with defeads in their first group matches. Big Joe falls down to Juha Letho 0-3 and Rune got outplayed by young Tolvanen as Finland shines on the opening day.

Norwegian player Dullerud started off in a winning mode with two victories and a top break of 77.